The best Aviator casino tactical strategy

Aviator is true to its crash game level, the game consists of catching the plane in a certain position. The longer the flight, the higher your income. If you do not give the order to cash out on time, you lose your money. The trick is then repeated. The common point of all games that crash is that tactics can and should be applied to them. This is the only way to guarantee you winnings, instead of losing all your money in a few random bets.

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What to take into account

For all strategies in the game, the aviator applies the same set of general rules. It is designed to reduce the loss of funds and control over the game. Only in this way is it possible to gradually start playing the aviator in the plus.

The first rule

Initially, you need to allocate a bank for him. Its amount depends entirely on your income. In principle, it is advisable to allocate a maximum of five to ten percent of the monthly income every month. For example, if you win 60,000 euros, it is worth allocating 3,000- 6,000 euros for bets. It is not shameful to lose these funds in case of misfortune.

The second rule

The second rule for any tactic is to bet a percentage of your winnings for each round. It can be a percentage of the initial pot or the current pot. In both cases, there is no need to deviate from the chosen Aviator tactics. The action plan simply will not work. It doesn't matter what strategy is revealed in the distance.

The third rule

The third rule - do not deviate from the first 2 rules. It should always be borne in mind that the game budget or increasing the size of a single bet is not allowed. In this case, the constructed scheme would be violated, and at a distance it would give rise to an increased error, which would negatively affect the amount of the final gain or could even lead to a loss.

Additional recommendations

Of course, playing for money can put you in a state of excitement, but it is necessary to get rid of it immediately. If suddenly you can not control yourself and feel a great desire to make a whole, it is advisable to go for a walk or otherwise distract yourself.

How to win with low chances of success

The most common strategy for playing aviator is that of small odds. The main elements of the remuneration system 
are as follows:

Place a bet of 3 to 5% of the amount in the bank

Specify the collection at the value of 1.5

We withdraw funds, when the plane reaches 1.5 in automatic mode

We withdraw funds, when the plane reaches 1.5 in automatic mode

Does it make sense to play at odds below 1.5? Perhaps, but this kind of feature makes it more difficult to win a lot of money in online casinos, because the reserve bet rate at odds of 1.2 can be as low as twenty percent in a single session.

How to earn on averages

Normal or average rates are generally considered to be between 2 and 3 on the 1win site. According to statistics, the values of this spectrum are found in forty percent of games. In other words, the percentage is almost approaching fifty percent, which is very good in our situation.
That said, there is a fascinating trick: if you did not have a rating of at least 2 for 2 or 3 rounds, you can increase the desired figure to 3 — 5 points. However, you need to do this with caution, and diligently examine the last passed rounds.
Compensation scheme on averages:

Compensation scheme on averages:

Specify the indent to the value of 2

We withdraw funds, when the plane reaches 2 in automatic mode

If you can't win within 2 or 3 rounds, increase the target to a factor of 3. This allows you to resume two previous defeats at once.
Since the bet was won at odds 3, you can decrease the target to odds 2.

The end result is a much more complicated scheme, which requires the player to remain constant. While the 1st strategy is completely autonomous but generates the least income through the official website, the 2nd strategy is the source of more income.

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Implementation of the functionality of two simultaneous bets

1win Aviator games support 2 simultaneous bets per round. This gives you more options and an abundance of strategies. This option allows you to participate in the race from a odds of 100. Such large draws take place on average every hour and a half, it is enough to be on time.
The second risky bet should only be connected if there is no such bet in the last hour. Then you can easily increase your chances of winning.
Strategy of the game, if we bet on a game with two bets:

We choose the usual five percent stake from the bank at 2.05

Watch out for the results. If, within the next hour, x100 does not fall, it is possible to make a second bet, which must be 0.5%, but on a coefficient of 100

Watch out for the results. If, within the next hour, x100 does not fall, it is possible to make a second bet, which must be 0.5%, but on a coefficient of 100

As soon as the second bet plays, turn it off and go to point 2 again

Any aviator game algorithm can justify itself and give fruits, but only on the distance.

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